The Moon stays in solid Capricorn all day with only 2 lunar aspects tonight, this allows us to rest a bit in between dramatic days. With a Full Moon, tomorrow we may still be on Full tilt.

The Moon sextiles Rx Neptune and squares Jupiter settling us into a more creatively, intuitive day where work gets done and we feel better about our prospects. Listen carefully to gut instincts they will drive your path today.

We start to feel the Full Capricorn Moon magic as it moves opposite the Cancer Sun tomorrow, pitting sensitive emotions against cool hard logic, and creativity vs. facts.

Tarot Cards of the Day- Queen of Cups, 5 of Swords and 3 of Wands- be sensitive, wise and emotionally connected to important people. Have a heart to heart with a business or love partner about the future and important plans.

Chakras: third eye, heart, solar plexus

Crystals: lapis, rose quartz and yellow topaz

Aromatherapy: jasmine, basil, tangerine

Yoga-yin poses with supported backbends