The Moon is in diplomatic Libra all day keeping us wise, even keeled and intelligent. An early morning lunar alignment to Jupiter (also in Libra), sets the tone for a craving of peace at any cost. We can be quite mindful today if we try to move out of the obsessive mind track and into a more relaxed state.   

Planetoid Chiron in Pisces moves retrograde today, bringing up past wounds and slights for review and healing until December. While we may feel uncomfortable with painful reminders, they serve a purpose and we learn much from this period, mainly how to treat ourselves and others with dignity and respect.   

Later today we have an irritating triple lunar-planetary square affecting us with Mars and Mercury in Cancer and Rx Pluto in Capricorn, this brings us indecisive thoughts, half-baked actions and an inkling to meddle in affairs that don’t concern us. This is a good day to work quietly at home, work on some pleasant hobby and stay away from drama, and work related conversations. Our emotions are connected to every aspect of our lives during this Cancer month, treat yourself gently.   

Late tonight the Moon sextiles Rx Saturn adding a to-do list to our dreams, write down anything that needs attention and go back to sleep.   

Tarot Cards of the Day- Knight of Swords, 10 of Swords and The Tower- the cards echo the planets today as we tend to go full force into the past, digging up incidents that were better left dead and buried. However. the chaos these memories bring may serve to organize your thoughts and heal the past so you can move forward. It’s a lot of mental work mostly but well worth the effort.   

Chakras: third eye, heart, sacral 

Crystals: lapis, rose quartz, carnelian 

Aromatherapy: frankincense, rose geranium, bergamot 

Yoga-restorative poses with supported backbends