The Moon is in passionate Scorpio all day, helping us dig below the surface of what is obvious for an in-depth analysis and conversation. Last night’s Venus-Rx Chiron set us up for some heart to heart talks this morning that will allow healing and increased intimacy. This combination of aspects and lunation’s of an overnight sextile to Rx Pluto and a trine to Mars will attempt to provide insight and respite from coldness or detachment of late.

Venus then moves into flighty Gemini tonight adding a little instability to our love and money sectors until July 31st. We are far more socially inclined and would rather be out on the town then home with a good book, (because we will be after August 1) We feel chatty, attractive plus entice new and exciting people into our lives which is good for singles, but couples should be strong and be aware.   

Tonight, Mercury squares Uranus, then trines Rx Chiron early tomorrow morning arousing our innate instincts while we sleep with sensual dreams, wild imagination and fresh new ideas. It may be difficult to make sense of it all so write down impressions for further decoding later. 

Also, late tonight, just after midnight, Jupiter quincunx Rx Neptune enhancing the creativity of the sleep cycle which may keep us up and ready to be inspired.   The Moon also trines Mercury and Rx Chiron in a little Grand water trine stirring our emotions, bringing up old memories and having us look at what drives our self-esteem/worth right now. Prepare to forgive and be forgiven this month.   

Tarot Cards of the Day- 3 of Swords, 4 of Pentacles and the 2 of Pentacles- this may be a time for words that wound a bit but also have the healing power of grounded truth. Listen careful to what someone has to say about your behavior so they can listen to you also. This will balance any insecurities. Hold on to money right now a spending spree is not in order.   

Chakras: throat, sacral, root 

Crystals: aquamarine, coral and black lava rock Aromatherapy: peppermint, orange and cedar 

Yoga-restorative poses with supported backbends