This is a busy day in the cosmos so we may be feeling a bit restless or indecisive. We begin with Jupiter and Rx Neptune’s last connection in the recent 6-month triad series; a quincunx just after midnight that creeps into our dreams and affects how we view the day this morning. Our idealistic creative and hermit like tendencies shine today. We need to feel untethered and free to change up our usual routine.   

The Moon moves into freedom loving Sagittarius at 1:09 AM EST, bringing inspiration, and a can-do attitude to the next few days. Spend time outside, barefooted and grounded during this time to help us keep priorities clear.

Mercury (while still in Cancer) trines Rx Chiron and sesquiquadrate Rx Neptune this morning, bringing a truckload of watery energy to the day. These aspects help us communicate love, strong self-image and healing yet we may be a bit unfocused or fuzzy about details.   

Mercury moves into energetic Leo at 8:20 PM, staying there until July 25th. Under this influence, everything we see or do must be bigger and better. Our mode of expression is romantic, dramatic and outgoing. This is a time when true feelings are revealed, flirting is more pronounced and proposals of commitment are made.   

Later tonight the Sun also plays with the day’s important planets with a trine to Rx Neptune and a square to Jupiter. We are extremely intuitive and will be able to sense important details before they are presented to us. Our emotions are empathic and our connection to the spirit world is heightened. While this may not be the best day to make consequential decisions, we can rely on our instincts to guide us. Avoid making assumptions without adequate gut feelings in place. Stay rooted in reality while the head and heart floats in the clouds.   

Tarot Cards of the Day- Queen of Cups, The High Priestess and King of Pentacles- one of those truly amazing relevant card days: we are sensitive to the energies of people, places and animals today. Use these perceptions to guide the correct path or choices made. It is important to stay grounded in the truth and our power as we explore the outer limits of imagination as well as creative work and play. It is quite possible to envision the future today.   

Chakras: third eye, heart, root 

Crystals: labradorite, rose quartz and black onyx Aromatherapy: frankincense, rose and patchouli 

Yoga-yin poses with legs up the wall