The Moon stays in restless Sagittarius all day, pushing us to move beyond our usual tasks and maybe take on something new or exciting that has a bit of risk attached. Today is a relatively quieter day helping us think through recent changes and plan for future moves.

The Moon has aspects to the planets that roughed us up the last few days thus pulling the energy into today in a less pronounced way but instead serves as a reminder for the tasks that lie ahead. There is a square to Rx Neptune, a sextile to Jupiter, a quincunx to the Sun and a small but irritating aspect to Mercury just arrived in Leo this morning, these serve to bring us past creative instincts and intuitions we have had so we can act on opportunities that come our way today. We are also at odds with our sense of adventure vs our need to stay home, take small breaks and try new places to eat or explore the area near home rather than embark on a big trip.

Tonight, the Moon quincunx Mars and aligns with Saturn bringing a serious tone to the evening involving work and play. Anything left undone will haunt us, so figure out the needs of all concerned and get it done.

Affecting us tonight but occurring early tomorrow morning is Mercury-Venus sextile that brings easy conversations, loving gestures and grand ideas to the forefront. This aspect enhances the chance of solid commitment proposals and promises in love connections.

Tarot Cards of the Day- 2 of Cups, The Moon, Knight of Cups- today may be the day that engagements are made or babies are conceived. Our sense of intuition is heightened so we can use this sensitivity to tune into the person we love the most as well as the one who will be the best mate. There is no fear related to taking this leap of faith, we are trusting yet aware of our actions.

Chakras: throat, sacral, root

Crystals: blue agate, orange calcite and ruby

Aromatherapy: chamomile, bergamot and sandalwood

Yoga-a strong vinyasa with a long meditative savasana