The Moon moved into quirky Aquarius early this morning, trying to keep us intellectually stimulated and altruistically inclined. This may be difficult given the Sun-Rx Pluto opposition that occurred after midnight. Our tendency to see the dark side of all situations is brought front and center. We may exaggerate danger, manipulation and drama and give reasons why we think our paranoid ideations are correct. Stay calm and centered and look twice at all situations before acting or commenting.   

Mercury has an irritating aspect to Rx Saturn this morning, trying to keep us on task mentally while we find a way to express ourselves in a positive but truthful manner. We may need to recheck facts and figures, make phone calls repeatedly or just back away from a situation that has too much negativity or problems communication involved. Taking deep breaths and keeping our cool is the main goal.   

On the bright side, the Moon trines Venus in Gemini making for a breezy, lighthearted afternoon. Our intellect is challenged and past mistakes revisited when the Moon semi-squares Rx Saturn later this afternoon and finally the Moon opposes Mercury tonight slowing communication and making it tough to express our emotions in a timely or needed manner.   

Tarot Cards of the Day- 5 of Swords, 7 of Pentacles and Page of Pentacles- just because you have all the answers doesn’t mean you need to share them. Stay grounded and focused on work matters and creating space for new money making ventures. The time to share your ideas will come soon.   

Chakras: third eye, throat, root 

Crystals: selenite, moonstone and black tourmaline 

Aromatherapy: clary sage*, chamomile and rosemary 

Yoga-restorative poses, a walking meditation 

*please don’t use clary sage during pregnancy