The Moon is in spiritual Pisces nearly all day, helping us set our inner guidance system while we stay meditative and tuned into our surroundings.  

 Overnight Mercury had 2 crazy connections to Rx Chiron and Rx Neptune bringing up the not so distant, emotional laden past with learning opportunities and healing within reach. Our task is to stay positive, stay mindful of conversations that bring worry or impatience to the table. Deep breaths and intuition are required to guide thoughts to a more productive and less painful path.   

This morning the Moon trines the Sun still in Cancer and squares Rx Saturn ahead of this afternoon’s quincunx between the two. This mean we may lose trust in our ability to smooth over these situations and become balanced again. Our to-do list may be a bit overwhelming especially if we feel negative or unenthusiastic. But stopping and looking inside may help regain the faith we need.  

 Luckily Mercury comes back this afternoon, with a positive building sextile to Jupiter that prompts new ideas, fresh energetic thinking and a brighter outlook. We will be able to see the bigger picture and reconcile the morning’s setbacks by looking mindfully at what was taught. The Moon also aligns with Rx Chiron boosting our morale, our self-esteem, and help us repair our energy as well as any relationships we let slide this morning. Embrace what is kept and release whatever is no longer needed.   

The Moon moves into bold Aries at 7:53 PM EST, helping us bridge information gaps, while we push forward with a renewed sense of purpose.   

Tarot Cards of the Day- King of Cups, Ace of Swords and Queen of Cups- very simply find a way to balance your masculine and feminine energies today. This will allow insight into the vast differences and similarities we all have as humans. Keep the heart center open and full of nurturing and understanding.   

Chakras: crown, throat, sacral, root 

Crystals: opal, blue agate, coral and ruby 

Aromatherapy: rose geranium, chamomile, orange and sandalwood 

Yoga-yin poses, and a walking meditation