This week changes are the theme, confusing changes but shifts none the less. The good news is, we will be quite centered in our intuitive gifts, exercise that knowledge and use it well to navigate through the rough spots.   

Sunday- Double Venus aspects-a square to Chiron and a sextile to Neptune, both in Pisces and retrograde, bringing sentimentality, a slip in our confidence and a little extra instinctive boost. The Moon is in Scorpio with squares to Mars and the Sun in Leo indicating a bout of jealousy or stubborn ride that can ruin an otherwise lovely day. Mars also collides with Rx Saturn which may jilt our memories about something we have forgotten to do. Pay attention.   

Monday- The Moon stays in Scorpio with a sextile to Rx Pluto anchoring our desires to finish old projects and reconnect with someone that ignites our passion. Venus moves into loving Cancer for the next 4 weeks bringing out our nurturing side in love, romance and our creativity.   

Tuesday- the Moon moves into flighty Sagittarius this morning with trying aspects to Venus, Jupiter, Rx Pluto and Mercury. This points to inadequate communications, delayed affections, a need to wander and or gossip a bit. Stay centered.   

Wednesday- The Moon stays in Sagittarius triggering a fire trine with Mars and the Leo Sun. Later there is a square to Rx Neptune and a sextile to Jupiter reminding us to look carefully at what is offered before accepting or moving forward with commitments or proposals no matter how enticing they are, it is not a stable day. Adding to the instability, Uranus stations direct and then moves retrograde at 10:49 PM EST, get ready for unexpected feelings, people and memories from the past.   

Thursday-The Moon stays in Sagittarius until tonight The Moon squares Rx Chiron and sextiles Rx Uranus tonight helping us tune into what needs healing in yourself and those around you in quite a startling fashion. The Moon moves into steady Capricorn at 8:37 pm  

Friday-The Moon in Capricorn opposing Venus, then a trine to mercury which may make communications troubling. . Jupiter squares Rx Pluto setting our work ethics into high gear, preparing us for new workloads by helping us clean up anything left hanging. Avoid exaggerations or staying too closely within the lines, either extremes will not assist the process. Tonight, a sextile to Rx Neptune will stir up old memories and creative insights in our dreams.   

Saturday- The Moon stays in solid Capricorn all day aligning with Rx Pluto in the same sign this morning then immediately squaring Jupiter. This may affect our optimism or impetus to improve our day with a little pessimistic thinking or an inability to move forward. Compounding these aspects, the Sun has two small irritating aspects to Rx Chiron and Rx Neptune that exposes where our faults or insecurities lie. Try to leave the past in the past so you can clear a path for bright insights and creative new ideas. It’s a good day to make peace with old unresolved issues.   

Tarot Cards of the Week- 9 of Swords, Ace of Wands and Knight of Wands- the early part of the week may bring startling revelations, handle them like a pro to ease your mind. Mid-week we may be industrious, inventive and ready to go forward but by the end of the week we may feel as if we are moving backwards. This week requires careful consideration and attention to fine details as well as our keen insights.   

Chakras: crown, third eye, heart and sacral 

Crystals: clear quartz, lapis, rose quartz and carnelian 

Aromatherapy: frankincense, rose geranium, rose and tangerine 

Yoga-a mixed practice of vinyasa and restorative poses