The Moon is in fair-minded Libra attempting to balance conflicting energies today. Mercury now in home base Virgo, fully playing the trickster, starts the day off with an irritating aspect to Rx Pluto, both in earth signs. This connection has us thinking twice about conversations, trust issues and work negotiations.   

This evening, the Moon aligns with Jupiter in the same sign, helping look on the bright side of any past problems or communications issues. Weigh decisions carefully. Later tonight the Moon reactivates Mercury and Pluto but lightens the effect a bit.   

Tarot Cards of the Day- The Devil, The Hanged Man and the 8 of Cups-energies out and about today may have us rethinking commitments, relationships and decisions. This can lead to a sudden halt in progress or promote walking away from issues that cannot be handled easily. Don’t act too quickly or give up just yet on any matter.  

 Chakras: third eye, heart and sacral 

Crystals: labradorite, jade and carnelian 

Aromatherapy: jasmine, myrrh and bergamot 

Yoga-yin poses with a walking meditation