We begin a new lunar cycle and eclipse season with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, and 6 planets retrograde. Shake-ups, changes and new perceptions are headed our way whether we like it or not.  

 Monday- The Moon in Aquarius becomes Full and is Eclipsed at 2:11 PM EST when it opposes first Mars then the Sun in Leo. Polarity is the name of the game today with opposites attracting, finances moving front and center and relationships under a microscope. A lunar trine to Jupiter later tonight attempts to smooth the wild energy with some balance and peace. We will be working on altruism, connections and our pride for the next two weeks.   

Tuesday- the Moon stays in Aquarius long enough to sextile Rx Saturn and Rx Uranus asking us to rethink the way we work and improve our impulsive tendencies. We get to improve how we relate to others as well as how we can help them. Take time to reach out to neglected loved ones with a surprise gesture. The Moon moves into spiritual Pisces at 5:57 PM softening our gaze and highlighting our intuitive knowing.   

Wednesday- The Moon in Pisces gives us a break this morning with free time to tune into our creative juices. The Moon trines Venus, but opposes slow moving Mercury this afternoon throwing a small wrench in communications because we are a bit sensitive and critical at the same time. The Sun has an irritating aspect to Rx Pluto, plus Mars runs into Rx Chiron asking us to look at recent changes and center ourselves so we can continue with the shifts happening now and ahead. Don’t allow anyone to force their opinion on you, keep self respect and esteem at maximum capacity.    

Thursday-The Moon stays in Pisces; in the background while with several planetary forces influence the day. Mercury (in slow down mode) sextiles Venus, Mars quincunx Rx Neptune and the Sun sextiles Jupiter-making this a great day to connect with friends and family, even if we may be easily distracted in conversations. This is also a great day for positive thought processes, reliably enhanced intuition, plus brilliant ideas and new perspectives.     

Friday-The Moon moves into impulsive Aries prompting us to think and act faster than we can actually process incoming information. Compounding this tendency to react too quickly is a semi-square between Rx Uranus and Rx Neptune; we may feel particularly anxious, impatient and disconnected from our instincts. It will take extra energy to stay grounded but it will be worth the effort. Connect with inner stillness and stay meditative, before making a move. Lucid dreams may be quite clear.   

 Saturday- The Moon stays in Aries continuing the overactive energy we are feeling. Venus trines Rx Neptune easing our anxieties a bit, while cooling our drive for perfection long enough to help us feel a connection to global and universal energies. This is a good day for romantic liaisons that move us both physically and emotionally.  On another note the Moon, the Sun, Mars and Rx Sagittarius form a Grand Fire trine putting a bit of passion and more than enough spontaneity into our day, there may be impulsive proposals for romantic and/or business commitments so be prepared and mentally aware.  But leading this busy day, Mercury in critical home base Virgo moves retrograde until September 5th, bringing us reflective insights, critical thinking and rethinking plus organizational skills to help us reorder our lives. Remember to delay any important decisions so they can be thoroughly thought through.   

Tarot Cards of the Week- 9 of Swords, Knight of Pentacles and 9 of Cups- stay tuned into your dreams this week, especially the night of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Even nightmares, may hold the answers to some pressing questions. Stay rooted during the sudden shifts of energy and be in touch with anything that helps you meditate, it will calm the mind and relieve the pressures of daily life. Stay committed to facts and a sense of forward movement despite the 6 planets retrograde. There is plenty to anticipate and be grateful for if you look closely, enjoy all that is offered and delay choosing just one possibility, for now.   

Chakras: third eye, throat, heart and root 

Crystals: lapis, selenite, moonstone and black obsidian 

Aromatherapy: jasmine, chamomile, lavender, sandalwood

Yoga-a mixed practice of vinyasa and yin poses combined with a walking meditation every day