6 planets retrograde, and a waning Moon will create an emotional week ahead, stay mindfully connected to center.  

 Monday- Last night the Sun trined Rx Sagittarius, affecting us through today as we try to make sense of the tasks on our plates in a reality based frame of mind. Assisting this process will be a Moon in grounded Taurus who trines both Rx Mercury in Virgo and Rx Pluto in Capricorn today. We will need to review how to regain our stability yet stay vital, compassionate and loving. Lunar sextiles to Rx Neptune and Venus. Mars and the Sun square the Moon rile up our impatience and sense of pride, stay mindful of actions and words, make points sparingly and with tenderness.   

Tuesday- Venus in Cancer opposes Rx Pluto this morning, bringing strong reactions, passionate connections and possibly manipulative actions. The Moon moves into Gemini which helps to lighten the heavy mood yet we still feel the intensity of each interaction we make. This may be a day of growing closer to loved ones and/or friends yet don’t rule out ending relationships for good. Stay centered and sure of your process.   

Wednesday- This morning, the Moon in Gemini squares both Rx Mercury and Rx Neptune bringing a spacey feel to the day that begs us to be extra careful walking or driving. Mars quincunx Rx Pluto and sextiles the Moon adding aggressive behavior to mixed communications. Think carefully before speaking, especially tonight when opportunities take the form of a lunar trine to Jupiter. Observe and react appropriately, be socially aware of surrounding s and the prevailing mood before sharing personal information, through tomorrow.   

Thursday-Overnight Venus squares Jupiter affecting our dreams and our decisions, everything may feel it needs to be over the top, but we can reel these emotions in with some mindfully meditation. Avoid exaggerations, and overindulgences. The Moon sextiles both the Sun and Uranus adding to the show off action of the day and encouraging wilder than normal behavior. Luckily the Moon moves into Cancer midday helping us turn inward and set our sights on home and hearth instead of party central.   

Friday-Early this morning the Moon and Rx Mercury sextile, there is a lunar semi-square to the Sun and a trine to Rx Neptune all of which make for fuzzy, emotional conversations that may lead to innovative solutions if we can muster the strength to move beyond the dramatics. Adding to the fun, Venus comes back with a quincunx to Rx Saturn piling on the sensitivity, but also adding a coolness that may or may not help the situations we have been working on. Try using calm restraint to avoid overly emotional displays that go nowhere or do not advance e your cause.   

Saturday- The Waning Moon stays in protective Cancer long enough to have all the day’s aspects; aligning with Venus, a semi-square to Rx Mercury, a trine to Rx Chiron and a square to Rx Uranus-these aspects to recap the week and set us up for the New Moon Solar Eclipse in 2 days, a Sun sign change in 3 and Saturn moving direct (finally) in 6. Today asks us to reflect on what we may have learned this week, processing may be slow with so many planets retrograde but it does help us look back and make corrections if needed.   

Tarot Cards of the Week- 4 of Wands, Strength, The High Priestess- this week we are asked to build up our natural resources instead of breaking down or wasting them. Tap into the divine intuition to know our minds, our hearts and our path better. Looking back to clear the future path we are on is very beneficial if we remain mindfully balanced and sure of ourselves.   

Chakras: third eye, throat, heart, sacral and root 

Crystals: amethyst, blue agate, rose quartz, carnelian and black onyx Aromatherapy: rose geranium, chamomile, lavender, bergamot and patchouli Yoga- yin and restorative poses combined with a walking or sitting mindful meditation every day