A multitude of changes continues to move through this week, with Mercury moving direct in Leo and a Full Pisces Moon calling attention to soul work.   

Sunday- The Moon is in thoughtful Aquarius all day, helping us be quite discerning and mindful of other’s needs, except perhaps, in close personal relationships because of an opposition to Venus.  Rx Mercury aligns with Mars, (both in Leo) bringing an urgency and restlessness to the day concerning our deeply inner thoughts. We can remember previous times when we felt this way which may trigger further insightfulness or bold ideas.    

Monday- Beneficial aspects to Saturn, Jupiter and Rx Uranus may bring some surprising opportunities and sudden shifts in direction. Stay aware of what you need at all times as this will help the path of wishful thinking become a reality. Stay extra mindful of what is said during the day because of a lunar opposition to Rx mercury the day before he moves direct. Communications can be stagnant and forward movement or agreement nearly impossible.   

Tuesday- The Moon moves into spiritual Pisces this morning helping to center our emotional needs as they rise to the surface. The Sun in Virgo opposes Rx Neptune then sesquiquadrate Rx Uranus moving us into retreat mode, because confusion may rise to the top if we push ourselves too hard. We may feel better moving slowly, taking a mental health day or just staying quiet and meditative. Mars moves into Virgo adding some extra grounding and a critical eye to our review of our current situations. This morning Mercury moves direct so move slowly but regain communications as foggy brains will improve and we can get back to the business of settling our lives Tonight, Venus quincunx Rx Neptune tonight making romance and understanding an easier accomplishment. This could be a good time for healing and caring activities.   

Wednesday- There is a Full Moon in Pisces at 3:04 AM EST when the Sun in Virgo opposes the Moon bringing health care, grounded intuition, spiritual knowledge and critical thinking to the forefront. Take advantage of the powerful lunar aspects surrounding the day; an alignment to Rx Neptune, a sextile to Rx Pluto and a square to Saturn helps us fire up a little ambition and be quietly productive behind the scenes. We can begin to move forward on important projects and negotiations, but mainly take care of our needs first with balance and clarity.   

Thursday-The Moon ramps up the forward march by stomping into Aries this morning and forming a quincunx to Mars (now in Virgo) who is enjoying letting his presence be known and felt this week. This energy continues our powerful presence in work and play times, we can make big changes in how people look at situations we influence.   

Friday-The Moon remaining in Aries plus Mars continuing his march through the week has an irritating aspect to Rx Pluto and the, Moon which may first slow us down yet intensify our desires then later today help us make the move we need to achieve our goals.  Helpful trines to Venus and Saturn will ramp up the fire in our hearts and souls with a little kick in the pants to take action where needed.   

Saturday- this busy cosmic day begins with the Moon still in Aries until mid-day with an alignment to Rx Uranus and a trine to Mercury offering some unusual communications and thought processes.  Venus quincunx and the Sun trines Rx Pluto this morning asking us to take a closer look at our relationships issues, stay on the bright side of our thoughts but also reach back to similar situations in our lives when we were resilient and resourceful or too stubborn to make a good decision. Now may be the time to make solid plans, rise to the next level and connect on a deeper more satisfying level with loved ones. This afternoon the Moon moves into pleasure seeking Taurus then also trines Mars allowing an earthy exchange of sexy energy, and sensual pleasures towards evening.  Later tonight Mercury moves back into Virgo to give us 5 planets in earth signs, this will help to keep us grounded, secure and confident, however don’t get stuck in a rut of self-criticism or a bout of OCD.   

Tarot Cards of the Week- The Moon, Knight of Cups and The Devil- We are sensitive to the lunar energies following us this week, our spiritual connection will see and feel change, lead with love, healing and compassion first. Desires will arise but make sure they are pure, root out any sinister intentions, habits or addictions to facilitate wholeness.   

Chakras: crown, throat, sacral 

Crystals: clear quartz, selenite and coral 

Aromatherapy: frankincense, chamomile and bergamot 

Yoga-be open to play in your practice, try new classes online or in person, break out of any ruts that hold you back, walking meditation will help keep the mind clear.