Death, The Hermit and 3 of Pentacles-it’s time to separate the wheat from the chafe this week, meditate on possibilities and leave the past behind especially if it was unhelpful or painful. Practice mindful mediation, do charitable works and bring kindness to all situation to boost self-esteem and morale.   

Sunday- The Moon is in earthy Taurus who trines the Virgo Sun and Rx Pluto in Capricorn keeping us grounded, secure and maybe just a bit rigid. Rx Neptune pops in for a lunar sextile keeping a bit of whimsy and instinct present in the day. Be creative in your self-care.   

Monday- We start solid with the Moon in Taurus plus a sextile to Rx Chiron helping to carry over yesterday’s good personal healing powers. Mid-afternoon the Moon shifts to an airy position with squares to Mercury and Mars in Virgo, we may be more chatty but thoughtful about what we say.   

Tuesday- The Moon is in flighty Gemini all day while Mercury and Rx Pluto sesquiquadrate and Venus trines Saturn bringing us through some emotional changes, a little less trust with a little more stress thrown into our day. 

Later in the day we become more thoughtful, in love and money matters. We can move ahead in relationships and business issues that may have been stalled previously.  

 Wednesday- The Moon starts in social Gemini but we are never get too flaky because of the strong earth sign presence and beneficial lunar aspects to Venus, Jupiter and Uranus. These bring surprisingly good energy forward from last night and gives us the push we need to speak our minds in commitments that are important to us. 

The Moon moves into caring Cancer tonight then the Sun squares Saturn showing us the face of the roadblocks we have in our way. There is a possible rebound of relationships or healing of old wounds.   

Thursday-The Moon in Cancer helps us take care of ourselves and our loved ones with kind words, thoughtful actions and spiritual insights. Love can show the way if we open our eyes.     

Friday-The Moon continues in Cancer nearly all day but the tone shifts and we may second guess our moves and our words. Venus sextiles Jupiter this afternoon helping us work together with the ones we love to create a beautiful enriching life together. Money may start to flow towards us for work we have done, we feel social and ready for fun, especially with the Moon moving into Leo tonight   

Saturday- The Moon stays in Leo keeping us fiery and loving, Mercury aligns with Mars both in Virgo continuing the earthy, centered trend we have this week to organize and improve our living and loving conditions.   

Chakras: third eye, heart, sacral 

Crystals: labradorite, rose quartz and coral 

Aromatherapy: jasmine, grapefruit and basil 

Yoga-heart opening poses in vinyasa and restorative practice