9 of Swords, The Lovers and The Magician- we will be busy exorcising ghosts of the past that need to leave, this week, only then can we love ourselves and our families. Choose the positive magical, healing path, there are new beginnings, and proper endings, embrace them all. Nightmares begin to dissipate and fade away.   

Sunday- Venus, Rx Uranus and Mercury dominate this week’s energies giving us time to act on love, healing and communication. Today begins the restorative process with Venus (still in Leo) aligns with the Moon and quincunx Rx Chiron stirring up a pot of uncomfortable but urgent feelings, tense interactions, tricky financial dealings or low self-esteem issues. We want to express ourselves but may hesitate.  It’s a short pause however, with the Moon in Leo and Venus returning just after midnight with a trine to Rx Uranus and the Moon prompting our need to speak our emotions and act on our fantasies. There may be some serious surprises ahead.   

Monday- The Moon moves into solid Virgo yet we are still influenced by the love hangover from the overnight hours. We are more apt to act on our feelings from yesterday with a lunar alignment to Mars late afternoon. Mercury aligns with the Moon, semi-squares Jupiter and then the Moon semi-squares Jupiter bringing an abundance of intellectual stimulation to the party. It may be difficult to process so take notes, meditate and slow down,    

Tuesday- The Moon stays in practical Virgo helping us sort through all the information we received yesterday. Overnight the Sun opposes Rx Chiron shining a light on what we began the week with, now we need to learn from our mistakes, apply self-care and bolster our confidence in a no nonsense way.  Venus moves into earthy Virgo tonight stabilizing our affections and helping us get a handle on our emotions. But, Mercury comes back with an opposition to Rx Neptune slowing us down, giving us time to be creative and soothing our minds and spirits.   

Wednesday- The Virgo Moon aligns with the Virgo Sun giving us an earthy New Moon. This is a clear the decks organize, your life and bring some sensuality to the plate time. Indulge your senses, get commitments straight, find time for health and happiness needs. Then just when we think we are settled Rx Uranus quincunx the Virgo Moon, sesquiquadrate Mercury in Virgo and quincunx the Sun in Virgo. This may make it tough to pin down our intuitive notions causing a restless uneasy feeling we can’t put a finger on. Unexpected events may be around every corner so stay alert while walking, driving and speaking. The Moon enters peaceful Libra this morning trying to help us find balance.     

Thursday-Venus returns and bumps into Rx Pluto bringing a wary eye to all situations encountered. Make sure you truly trust who you are dealing with before engaging any further.  The Libra Moon squares Rx Pluto but sextiles Jupiter asking us to be mindful and awake. Get your work done without worrying about anyone else. Explore all possibilities.     

Friday-The Moon stays in Libra this morning aligning with Jupiter but opposing Rx Uranus prompting us to be indecisive because we see too many choices ahead. The Moon moves into Scorpio this afternoon bringing a little extra passion to the air. Mercury trines Rx Pluto connecting us to what we cannot see, this is a great day to tune into a strong intuitive foundation and trust it. Be aware of all possibilities. The Sun moves into Libra at 4:02 PM EST marking Mabon, and the Autumnal Equinox, sparking the need for equality, balance and peace. We change seasons, moods and outlooks, it’s time to pull in renew and look at the past to align the future.    

Saturday- The Moon stays in Scorpio driving our obsessive tendencies especially with positive connections to Mars, Rx Neptune and Rx Pluto. Mars also semi-squares Jupiter and Jupiter quincunx Rx Chiron bringing our belief system into full view for examination and tweaking. Gratitude, positivity and clear-headedness dominate, however, it’s not the time to rush head long into anything new without careful, mindful thought. Use instinct and inner guidance to make decisions.   

Chakras: crown, third eye, heart,  

Crystals: selenite, labradorite, rose quartz  

Aromatherapy: frankincense, rose myrrh 

Yoga- yin and restorative practice