Judgement, Ace of Pentacles and Ace of Wands- it may take a few days but we will feel renewed and refreshed by the end of the week. We are given insight to possible new financial and work opportunities we may not have thought of before. Stay open to the needs of others in a generous and insightful way. Try innovative approaches to communication and problem solving.   

Sunday- The Moon in Scorpio allows us to feel more deeply about subjects we are dealing with front and center. Mars in Virgo opposes Rx Neptune then irritates Rx Uranus keeping us in that zone where serious thinkers hang out, without a solid plan or time line. We can dream up valid ideas but act too quickly.   

Monday- The Moon moves into Sagittarius just after midnight moving us into a more restless, fiery mode. But, Mercury squares Rx Saturn blocking our moves and throwing a little frustration in our path. Our judgement may be off so it’s a good day to trust instincts and think over projects twice before launching.   

Tuesday- The Moon stays in Sagittarius aligning with Rx Sagittarius in the same sign prompting us to think about adventures we have had and starting planning when we may start a new one.   

Wednesday-  The Moon while still in Sagittarius trines Jupiter and trines Rx Uranus giving a more upbeat and hopeful day. Jupiter sesquiquadrate Rx Neptune and Mercury opposes Rx Chiron bringing creativity and surprising events to the day yet we may be confused about communication channels and how to arrive at our goals. Sensitivity may be an issue, take deep breath. The Moon moves into Capricorn this afternoon helping us feel a little more grounded.    

Thursday-  Jupiter opposes and Mercury quincunx Rx Uranus early this morning affecting our dreams and initiating a running inside dialogue that colors everything we do today. We may speak too quickly so be mindfully connected to thoughts and actions. Later this morning at 11:07 AM, EST Pluto moves direct after its annual retrograde period helping us move forward, complete stalled projects and let go of some old emotions.     

Friday-The Moon stays Capricorn with a quiet morning to contemplate recent shifts in attitude and perspective. There is a healing lunar sextile to Rx Chiron this afternoon that helps to soothe our feelings a bit. Venus opposes Rx Neptune and sesquiquadrate Rx Uranus bringing financial and relationship issues to light. Our imagination may run wild and produces some unexpected results. Be ready for anything or anyone from the past to pop up. Mercury enters Libra tonight lightening our thought processes and helping us communicate on a more intellectual, fair minded and altruistic level. We will be a little less obsessive and a little more proactive.   

Saturday- The Moon moves into Aquarius just after midnight with an airy trine to Mercury and the Sun that helps us think clearly and speak our minds easily. Venus semi-square Jupiter this morning putting our emotions in the limelight making it difficult to conceal anything we have been feeling.   

Chakras: throat, sacral and root  

Crystals: blue lace agate, coral and ruby  

Aromatherapy: chamomile, orange and patchouli 

Yoga- energizing vinyasas sequences and long savasanas